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June 12, 2012
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feel my gun by chuuuuuuuu feel my gun by chuuuuuuuu
Okay, so :iconiridescentstardust: asked many pixelists to pixel a doll using a specific base made by :iconmariiiis-dolls: and this is what I came up with.
By the way, thanks for allowing me to join in this wonderful event, and thank you mariiii for your wonderful base. :33

Took me a few days to actually decided what I wanted to do, so I decided to finish coloring in one of the bases. Even when I finished, I still had no clue. Continued to browse dA like a madwoman. Then I was inspired by technology and Wii/XBox/PS2 gijinkas so I took my own spin and just scratched out the consolation game idea.

Threw out the first base I colored, and took another one. Altered the legs and arms around. Edited her right hand a bit. Did some lines for her outfit, got stuck so I totally reworked the face. Made her eyes more smaller and more Asian-looking, gave her plumper lips, redid her eyebrows and added a pixel to make her nose just slighter bigger. Went back to lines, finished it, started coloring. Got fed up with some lines I made, redid it. Must've done the bodice like five times. Redid an arm accessory. I kind of procrastinated on her weapon since it was difficult and weapons are not my specialty. Perspective-wise, not the best, but I tried. Finally got around to finishing it... I also like destroyed her feet. Shrunk them so small compared to the original base, so of course proportion is off at the feet, but I wanted it like that.

Blahblahblahblahblahhhh~ After I finally got the whole outfit colored in and finished, I played around with the colors (contemplating black and white, and then blue, red and lime green for whatever's blue ^). Took me forever to choose, and then just decided blue since it was my first choice. Used a different skin palette since I wanted a more pinkish skin tone.

And then done. Whew~
I think my lighting source got lost along the way though...

I edited the crap out of the base, done a pixel that is semi-close to mecha, went through a lot of greats and bads and worse, and just had a heck of time pixeling. I put a lot of effort into this doll, so I hope you all enjoy it. :33

Quite honestly, I don't pay attention to techniques I use or plan what I will use and when. I pixel freely and nothing really goes through my mind, but anyway...

-Avoided dithering like I thought it would kill me. Since it was technology-inspired, I wanted to make the lines smooth and look like metal/glass or some-sort.
-Used straight lines to give it that sort of look, light reflection, shines, etc.
-I redid a lot of things I didn't like. Looked up references to help me get most angles/shading right.
-For base edits, specifically the face, I just removed the original facials, recolored the face, and then added my own facials to make it easier rather than going over what was already there.
-I had trouble doing the legs, so I actually started drawing her shoes than redrawing the base legs. It helps a lot also, even for coloring. Less surface area to color for the skin.
-Once I finished the doll, I did a shit-load of touch-ups. I shaded areas on the base around the outfit to make it more realistic than just clothes slapped onto the doll.
-TRIED REAL HARD to avoid clutter. I wanted to add wings, ears, and a tail, but I thought that they were going to kill it, so I just let it be.
SELF-CONTROL is key. :>

base: [link]

EDIT:. Sorry for all the crazy updates, for some reason dA isn't uploading the updated version of this doll correctly. xP

EDITEDIT:. OMG!! THANK YOU FOR THE SECOND DD! I'm so happy, and thank you for the all the faves, comments and watches <3 You're all amazing >///<
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feel my gun by ~chuuuuuuuu ( Featured by FionaCreates )
Angie-Pictures Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2014
Beautiful work! Congratulations on the DD! :iconflowerheartplz:

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Thank you!
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It's my pleasure! :)

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Hehe, yes~ Second one too! >U<
Thank you! <33
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that's one cool shooting space babe
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This is lovely and congrats on the DD ` v `!~
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